our team

100Rails have an International team spread across the globe from Ireland, to the US and New Zealand. Steve Shepherd is CEO of the company and founded the company in 2012

Steve Shepherd

Founder & CEO

Steve has been developing software since 1988 where he has guided development teams across manufacturing, retail, health and project management. He found and owned a healthcare software company in the late 90's and exited that to a large Auckland tech firm. 

Giles Ellis


Giles is a chartered accountant and business adviser with 20 year’s experience coaching and mentoring business owners to overcome challenges and achieve success.  He is an IOD qualified Director and has served on a number of Boards including several start-ups.

Stuart Crane


Stuart built his software company for twenty years and recently sold it for a personal seven figure return,  which equates to a little more than nine times earnings of the company. He only invests in US head-quartered companies. His knowledge of building sales and support in the US is very valuable to 100Rails.

Damien Cregan

Senior Developer

Damien has been developing solutions in our platform for 10+ years and is a well respected certified developer with years of experience. His influence on development has made each product we have developed an exceptional fit. He is an experienced developer with a keen eye for detail and a great irish accent.

Ruben Kannan

API Developer

Ruben has developed solutions in the platforms we utilise for over 5 years. His experience in API's and integration has allowed the product to connect with many other solutions that we partner with. He is a great communicator and able to help facilitate customer ideas into reality.

Aubrey Vergara

Support Leader

Aubrey is an exceptional communicator and has been working part time for the team for over 2 years. She has built up a great way of communicating with clients and partners and leads our support team.


Customer Success Manager

Jo recently joined the team in a business development role. Her abilities in helping our customers improve their businesses are her strengths. He background in sales and support in the Trades and Services sectors over the last 10 years have prepared her well for understanding our customers business needs.

Yumna Tatheer

PHP Developer

Yumna is our PHP specialist and has developed many of our Key integrations. Her ability to work and communicate at high levels and at a fast rate mean she turns out quality work in very short periods.

Yevhen Chuhuievets

Web and Graphics Designer

Yevhen is a professional logo and web designer from Kiev, Ukraine. He has a great experience in brand identity design, creative advertisement and web development. He is  a certified Jimdo's websites designer.