Tasks that lead to Safety Issues

When you are developing safety plans and processes for your company its always good to check whether you have covered everything.
We talked to over 100 different scaffolding companies and a number of government safety associations and started compiling a list of Tasks that lead to your staff needing to identify any Hazards, Training Requirements or Skilled Best Practice methods.
Here is the list so far… comment below if you know of some others:

  1. Carrying Gear Onsite
  2. Dismantling Scaffolding
  3. Driving or Relocating Scaffolding
  4. Erecting Scaffolding
  5. Driving the Trucks to and from worksites and the yard
  6. Loading and Unloading Trucks
  7. Passing gear to each other (either laterally or up above your head)
  8. Sleeving of Electrical wires and working around electricity
  9. Stacking Materials on the ground or on platforms
  10. Using Mobile Scaffolding (with wheels or anchor points)
  11. Using a small crane or hiab equipment to lift scaffolding
  12. Using Chainsaws on scaffold build
  13. Using Tools on scaffold build
  14. Using Power clamps
  15. Using Scissor lifts
  16. Working around other people especially the public
  17. Working at Heights or on a roof
  18. Working in confined spaces

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