6 Ideas for Making more Money in your Scaffolding Company

This REPORT highlights a few ideas for improving the profitability and sales in your Scaffolding Erect and Hire company.

I don’t know about you but I get sick of the ideas that come through email that are FULL of waffle words and take 5 times as long to read as they should…. SO we will cut the crap and get straight into the check list below...


  • CHECKLIST: Systemise your Measure up and Quoting process so EVERY TIME you or your team go over the same Checklist for quoting so that you ensure you don’t miss anything (Have a great set of questions that show your prospects that you really know what you are doing and use it as a marketing benefit...)
  • REMINDERS: Setup a reminder system for your Quotes.. (Research shows that you make the most sales by the 7th contact.. If you are only contacting them twice then you are leaving a lot of money on the table.)
  • ADDONS: Include EXTRA services and processes on your Quote/Proposal so that you show all the add ons that you provide which steers the conversation away (a little) from the cost.
  • PORTAL: Provide a Client Portal as an ADDON service so that clients can SELF HELP themselves to making a quote request, see their current quotes and jobs on the go.
  • TIMECOSTING: Integrate the time it is taking staff on various phases of your jobs. Total it up and continually monitor profitability so you are warned before you over spend on a Job.
  • ALERTING: Setup Reminders of all the critical parts of your business like training, certification, workplace safety issues and safety violations. This will improve customer service levels and make you look very professional and also help stop the conversations purely on price.

You can set all this up yourself with a combination of MS Outlook and MS Word but if you might be interested in a system that already does it all for you then send us an email.

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