26 Services Ideas that a Scaffolding Hire Company can Offer

Below is a list of ideas for services or charges that a scaffolding hire and erect company can offer its client base.
After all, when you have a client if you offer more services to them then that is easier than finding a brand new client… In fact research its been shown that its over 7 times more profitable. Its often just a simple conversation or email to your client base.
Of course some of these services and products take some time and money to setup but at least it will get you thinking and maybe even if you ASK your clients if they need some of the services you may be pleasantly surprised...
  1. Erect and Dismantle Scaffold
  2. Dryhire Scaffold Equipment (no erect or dismantle) /Cash Sales of Scaffold Equipment
  3. Temporary Fences, Nets, Hoardings
  4. Keder Roofing or Tarps
  5. Roof Edge Protection
  6. Shrinkwrap
  7. Beams or Planks or H Frames
  8. Mobile Towers
  9. Forklift Hire
  10. Fast Adjust Scaffold
  11. Labour Only Scaffolder or Other Install work
  12. Traffic Management Plans
  13. Inspections (of Scaffold, Fences, Site Safety)
  14. Engineering Work
  15. Hoists, Conveyors and Lifts
  16. CAD Development
  17. Freight Transportation
  18. Rigging Services
  19. Hoists, Conveyors and Lifts
  20. Portable Toilets (with servicing)
  21. Portable Showers (with servicing)
  22. Stretcher Access
  23. Coverways
  24. Propping & Support
  25. Residential, Commercial or Industrial Scaffolding
  26. Specialised Scaffolding (Confined, Catch, Birdcage, False Work, Hanging, Suspended, Perimeter, Cantelever, Stage, Tube and Clip, Swinging, Stairs, Light, Demolition, Highrise, apartments)

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